The story behind the awards.....

Just a few months before Ian's death, he expressed an interest in learning how to use a computer system that would allow him to create graphic art.  Our friends and family heard about Ian's 'wish' and a fundraiser was born.  A Santa Maria style BBQ along with several bake sales were organized by friends and the response was overwhelming!  Over $10,000 was raised and we were able to purchase the Cintiq drawing system Ian was hoping for.  His condition worsened rapidly but he was able to use his Cintiq in the last weeks/days of his life.  We talked to Ian just a few days before he died about the idea of establishing an art scholarship at his high school with the left over money from his fundraiser.  He got this huge grin and asked us to call it the Ian Hassett Memorial Art Award.

This award is open to high school students at most high schools in the Santa Maria Valley (Righetti, Santa Maria, Pioneer, Delta & Orcutt Academy) as well as those who are homeschooled or attending a Charter high school. If you are interested in applying for this scholarship, you may download the application, visit the Career Center on your high school campus or speak to your art teacher.  The deadline for applying will be in the April 15, 2019. You can obtain information about this scholarship at

In the spring of 2013, Ian's college art instructor, Marti Fast, asked if she could hold a one-man show of Ian's work on campus at the Foxworthy Gallery.  We were delighted and honored by the request.  From that, grew the idea to accept donations towards an art grant through the Santa Maria Arts Council.  The reception for the show turned out to be one the best attended openings the gallery had ever had and the Ian Hassett Memorial Art Grant was created to encourage emerging artists in our community by way of a $1,000 grant, awarded annually at the SMAC Grant Showcase held in the spring every year.  For information on applying for this Grant, please visit  The deadline for this grant is March 15, 2019.

To date, the Foundation has given out $13, 750 to emerging artists in our community.

On May 7, 2018, we awarded the $1,000 Ian M Hassett Memorial Art Grant through the Santa Maria Arts Council at their annual Grants Showcase.  We are honored to be a part of the Showcase  and look forward to many years to come.  This year's winner was Yaqueline Suarez.  Yaquelines' work has an authentic, ethnic feel that we find fascinating & inspiring.  What is hard to see in the pictures is her use of three dimensional materials (yard, flowers) that make her pieces come alive.  She has only been painting for about one year - wow!  One of her goals is to continue her art education at Allan Hancock  College with a goal of returning to her parents hometown in the Oaxacan area of Mexico and provide the residents with colorful murals to help brighten their surroundings.

We are proud to help this young, talented artist work towards her goals.

This Grant is available to young emerging artists, ages 18+.  Applications are available through theSanta Maria Arts Council website.  Please follow directions there for other criteria needed to submit your application.

The Ian M Hassett Memorial Art Grant

Ian M Hassett Memorial Art Award
We are pleased to announce the two winners for this year's Ian M Hassett Memorial Art Award (I know we usually only give out one but the talent this year was undeniable).  We had several outstanding applicants this year but our judges were finally able to narrow it down to the top two.  Since they were so close, we decided to award a 1st and 2nd place this year. Our 1st place winner, Arianna Vauclin, is a wonderful artist with a unique talent for storytelling within her pieces.  She also has a passion for art that is undeniable and a clear career path in illustration.  Our 2nd place winner, Chloe Sheley, has a natural, fine tuned talent for art.  Her work and maturity as an artist astounded our judges.  She is an excellent student (which reminded us of Ian) and she will go far in whatever her chosen career path turns out to be. 
Our hope is that this small award will help to encourage her to continue to pursue art.


By artist Arianna Vauclin

Ian M Hassett Foundation

By artist Chloe Sheley